New Relationship
Bruce and I are in a fairly new relationship in the botany world. We enjoy cooking, reading, listening to country music and spying on the neighbours. Hopefully we'll have a long and healthy relationship and not dry out like so many others.


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round 2 of this type of plant. patience and enjoyment...
I rescued a Dragon Plant May of 2014 when all plants had to find new homes from our workplace we were moving out of and as it is not CORPORATE policy to have plants at our new location (long story) people graciously took them to their homes. My plant was ...


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First Propagation
This is my first propagation of a coleus plant. I accidently broke a branch off his father so I put it in a glass of water for about a week, and roots started to grow almost immediately. I love the way plants can do this.


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Hudson's Principles for a Fulfilled Life
1. You are resilient. Know that your foreplants made it through everything and you will too. 2. Absorb the motivation, it's is all around you. And the water, absorb the water. 3. Focus on why. You've got time to think, like lots of time. Really make sure ...


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Birth Trepidation
I love my plant. Her name is Lil. She is a lily. The INSIDE GREEN plant diva, Sue Biely, encouraged me to propagate my plant a few weeks ago, but I was hesitant. Lil had just gone thru a beautiful blooming cycle and she seemed to be resting. I thought she ...


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We help us make plant over.


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Sahib is looking after Luigi
He is very happy. Maybe both Sahib and Luigi are happy.

Ms Erceg Division 14

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I'm learning that I love plants from Sue B!!
Because Canada is awesome and they have poutine which I'll feed to my plant EVERY DAY!!


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