Become a Plant Steward!

You can participate in this project by registering and adopting a free plant to nurture and care for. Then, you can share part of that plant with someone else, and they’ll become a Plant Steward too – helping to build a movement throughout the city, and beyond.

We are currently working with 10 hardy, easy-to-propagate beautiful house plants. You can learn about them here or use our Plant Picker to figure out which plant is a match for you. Think dating questionnaire for you and a plant!

And yes, you can be a Steward of more than one plant. In fact, we encourage that.

Adopt a plant here

Other ways to get involved

We’re a small group with big ambition, so there are many things we need.
If you can help us out on any of the below, please be in touch to [email protected]


We need cash and in-kind support to keep this project growing. We’d be happy to work something out to target a specific group of potential Stewards, or supply plants as gifts for your office party, conference or wedding. We want to keep spreading plants and are happy to arrange for group deals.

Group Stewards

Maybe you’ve already signed up yourself, but are also connected to groups of people who could be Plant Stewards. For example: folks who want to bring Inside Green to their sports group, book club, neighbourhood house, corporate firm as an employee initiative, apartment building, wedding reception, or group of pals!


We want all of our pots to be re-directed from the waste cycle. We have found that 4” (10 cm) diameter tins work just great, so we’re collecting those (796ml cans). And we’re interested in any other items that are waterproof and can hold a 4” round plant pot. Please let us know if you have an idea of how we can reuse something from your waste pile!

Green Thumbers

Let us know if you have a green thumb and are be interested in helping Stewards with the propagating process. We’re thinking video conference support or helping us coordinate a few hours at a coffee shop or public space where folks can bring their plants down and have a hands on tutorial.

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Time flies when you're having fun, that's for sure! We started our seasonal string of events in November and in a blink of an eye; here we are, writing reports of our awesome Inside Green Fall 2019 pop-ups at Eastside Flea Market, Andina Brewing Company and Strathcona Beer Company. We sure did add some green on the East Van side of our Inside Green map!


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