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Sue Biely

Chief Steward and Project Creator

Sue loves creative experiments that help us learn how to nudge the world, our communities, and each other into a healthier state. With an MA in Organizational Change and Leadership, Sue’s and her company Nudge Consulting has been serving the creative and non-profit sectors for years supporting strategy, team effectiveness, coaching, cultural development, advocacy and policy development, facilitation, management and forward thinking in the areas of business models, partnerships, innovation and learning.

Inside Green is Sue’s intervention in all things going wrong with our relationship to natural systems. She believes that if we each learned to be stewards of nature, collectively, we could continue to make living on this planet an amazing experience.

What plant are you stewarding?

I’ve been getting to know all the plants we are offering for Inside Green. I have to say, I’ve been falling in love with each one. It’s amazing how unique and beautiful they are. And so far, there has only been one near death!

What are your plants for the future?

I can’t wait to give plants to Vancouverites and hopefully eventually other urbanites around the world. I’d love to spread green into people’s homes and hearts.

What’s the secret your plant knows about you?

All my plants know how to sit with me when I’m feeling blue. They teach me to hold steady and have strong roots.