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Madagascar Dragon Tree

Dracaena fragrans

Water Care

Keep soil moist and water less in the winter.

Light Care

The Dragon Tree is great for homes with low light conditions. A bright area with indirect light is best. Choose a spot by an east or north-facing window.

Temperature Care

Average room temperature should be no lower than 13°C in winter, and between 18°C and 24°C is most ideal.

Humidity Care

The Dragon Tree can withstand dry air. During warmer months, your Dragon Tree will enjoy fresh air from an open window.

Repotting Care

Repot every year or two into a bigger pot, especially if the plant is root-bound. To check if the plant is root-bound, check the pot drainage holes for protruding congested roots.

Propagation Care

When it starts to outgrow its space, you can cut off its crown and plant in potting compost. This sounds odd, so please feel free to watch our video!

Propagation Video