Origin Story for Inside Green

Hey All,

Thanks for stopping by. I can't believe this project is really becoming an actuality. It's something that had been knocking around in my brain for a few years and I finally spoke it out loud to Nicholas and Berger (Steve) when we were all on a business trip in Whitehorse together. Somehow they 'got it' (could have been the crisp Yukon air and the beer). Sarah, Josephine and Ianne also 'got it' right away and all of a sudden there was a team and we were off (with a little support from Creative BC, thanks y'all). And then there was Brian Minter, which is a whole other blog post (great guy and what a plant champion!!!).

Basically the idea came from worrying about climate change. I kept thinking what is the smallest intervention possible for people to viscerally feel the relationship between humans and nature and the experience of stewardship. It came down to a person and a plant in their own home. Thus, Inside Green. Yep, it's a double entendre!

My hope is that people will have a low risk opportunity to get to know a plant and to care for it. And if all goes well, they will help grow and spread their plant so others can have the same experience. All the while, I hope to see this network surface through our mapping and plant genealogy (what I've started to call Plantcestry). Thus, we will grow and show the greening of a city from the inside out, one steward and plant at a time.

And if we can look at this as a fractal phenomenon, one where individual and collective action has us caring for plants in our own homes, maybe, just maybe this behaviour can scale up to all of us individually and collectively stewarding this planet. Who knows? But let's start here and now.

I hope you get a plant and join our project. And I hope we have some fun doing this all together.

And if not, I really recommend creative conversations in the Yukon over beer. You just never know what it will seed!