….and Brian Minter joins the team!!!

It was an idea I just couldn’t seem to shake.

I had an idea for a project that would not only be fun, but would playfully move our urban communities in a positive direction towards a better understanding of our relationship with nature. While the idea of gifting, propagating and tracing the genealogy of some house plants seemed simple on the surface, I needed validation. I needed an expert… a “Plant Person” who could legitimize the concept. Then, like a bolt of lightning it struck me. The man I had grown up listening to on the radio ~ Brian Minter! In addition to being the leading expert on all things plants, Brian was the recipient of the “Order of Canada”, and received an “Honorary Doctorate of Technology”. In laymen’s terms, he’s the “Big Kahuna” of plant experts.

So, on a morning where I was heavily caffeinated and feeling gutsy, I sleuthed and found an email for Brian (thanks for your help Jen M). I wrote a short, vague note about this “digital botanical storytelling project” that grows via the stewardship of house plants, plant gifting and an interactive storytelling mapping site. The goal is to nurture the relationship between individuals and nature in the intimacy of our own homes.

I hit send.

Almost immediately I began to feel like the awkward fan that sends a “would you want to come to my party” invite to someone who has no clue who you are.

A few weeks went by and no response. I was getting restless and wondering who else I could ask if my idea was feasible. Who else could provide some plant expertise? Then out of the blue and on my way out the door to catch a Ferry, my phone rang. Seeing Brian Minter’s name on my call display stopped me dead in my tracks. I think I actually stopped breathing for a minute. I don’t remember much from the conversation but I’m pretty sure I repeated “I’m so glad that you called!” several times. We agreed to meet a few days later at the Flower Auction (another thrill for me). I hung up and did a serious happy dance before grabbing my bags and dashing for the Ferry.

Brian has been an amazing champion on this project. He has graciously helped with problem solving, has kept me on track, pulled strings getting plants and has taught me things like “it’s called soil, not dirt!” I’m grateful for Brian’s endorsement of this project and his willingness to be on the end of the line for random calls and questions.

Brian’s immediate support and belief in the project gave me the propulsion I needed to get Inside Green off the ground. I am blessed to have found a kooky and lovely partner in crime who is as nuts about plants as I am! Gardening gloves off to you Mr. Minter!